Aether FS Unitranche Index

The first Private Debt Benchmark Index in France

In France, Unitranche private debt is a relatively recent asset class. In an environment where M&A and Private Equity are subject to constant scrutiny and analysis, the lack of an Index for Unitranche financing made no sense. That's why Aether Financial Services, the independent agency leader in France in private debt, sought to fill this gap by creating a special, understandable and easy-to-use index. The Aether FS Unitranche France Index consists in measuring, for a given Unitranche financing, the financial cost of an EBITDA round. Enjoy your reading!

Indice T1 2023
2023 Q1 of Aether FS Index


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Aether Financial Services was founded in 2015 by Edouard Narboux and Henri-Pierre Jeancard The objective was to meet the growing need for financial agents specialized in capital markets and financing while being able to offer a broad range of value-added solutions. Based in Paris and London, Aether Financial Services is made up of a multicultural team. Aether Financial Services is now a leader in Corporate Finance Agency in the private debt market in France.