Corporate & Issuer Services

Aether Financial Services offers you 360° operational support in executing all your financial deals

Simplify the execution of all your financial transactions.

Companies during their lifespan encounters different corporate milestones. Aether Finan-cial Services is intimately familiar with these events and how they work. Based on our 360° vision of financial transactions and supported by digitally based solutions, we offer corpo-rate clients tailored services consistent with their objectives and the stakes involved in both ordinary and extraordinary situations.


Mixing business line expertise and digital channels for tailored services

General meetings, M&A and financing closings, issuance, monitoring and transfer of securi-ties, and so on – regardless of the operating issues, Aether Financial Services assists its cor-porate clients through its “zero mistake” mindset. We constantly adjust our added-value services to changing circumstances and in accordance to the specific requirements of the situation.


Transaction support

We assist you in conducting all your financial transactions, including recapitalisations, ex-change offers, etc. by offering you tailored services in the areas of KYC, flow management, settlement, and others.

Depositary services

We help you know, understand and bring together your investors. This includes identifying bondholders, organising and centralising general meetings, soliciting them, etc.

Set-up / Divestment services

As an independent service provider, make our know-how available to you in managing ad hoc investment vehicles.



Chairing a general meeting of convertible bondholders


Settlement bond – stock exchange

Pierre et Vacances

Bondholders’ Identification


Chairing a general meeting of convertible bondholders


Settlement bond – stock exchange



Adaptability, thoroughness and responsiveness – this is the winning combination on which an experience team is based.


There is no room for operating errors in conducting a financial transaction.


To keep up with our latest news, including media articles, events, etc


Aether Financial Services offers a tailored approach to “human scale” deals, but it is also able to handle “masse” transactions. Centralising all contacts, the digital platform Vox Aequitas has been designed with independent and adjustable modules, to adapt to all situa-tions or clients’ needs. It enables a different, digitalised vision of a securities services firm.


Dual exposure to both capital markets and private financing fosters cross-fertilisation of our expertise . We constantly enrich our deal-execution capability by drawing on the best practices for both environments.