Corporate Finance Agency

For your peace-of-mind, proactivity is Aether Financial Services’ trademark in all its Agency assignments

Acting as agents is not an end in itself but our rationale.

Over the years, Aether Financial Services’ reputation as Agent has become a guarantee of serenity for all stakeholders. Regardless of the nature of its agent role, Aether Financial Services is committed to delivering an impeccable outcome, from the moment the deal closing stage and throughout its life.

Because confidence is built up over time, we know how much each detail matters. Anticipation and adaptation are our teams’ characteristics to manage projects.


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Whether we’re involved on a financing deal (Private Debt or Capital Market) or a financial transaction in general (M&A or Trust), our "corporate finance" experience and expertise allow us to handle all types of transactions, thanks to a perfect understanding of the issues at stake in the Agency assignments we embrace.


Administrative Agent

We ensure that disclosure requirements are met and serve as an intermediary between borrower and lenders.

Bondholders’ Representative

Serving in the (mandatory) legal role of bondholder representative and presiding over general meetings.

Calculation Agent

We calculate interest, early repayments, etc. and send notices to borrower and lenders.

Security Agent

We are in charge of exercising sureties that the borrower has granted to the lenders.

Closing Agent

We assist our client with opening of transaction-dedicated accounts and the management of the related financial flows in cooperation with our regulated partner.

Paying Agent

We assist our clients in cooperation with our regulated partner in managing interest payments. We calculate the total amount of interest which are then sent by the borrower to our regulated partner who splits it up among the various lenders.

At Aether Financial Services, flexibility and responsiveness are a second nature to handle an evolving environment with the execution of transactions leaving no room for improvisation.



Facility Agent

Olmix Group

Administrative Agent, Security Agent

Port La Nouvelle

Administrative Agent, Bondholders’ Representative


Facility Agent

Olmix Group

Administrative Agent, Security Agent



Monitoring financial deals: a well-established mindset


ArturPro’s web based platform is the true backbone of Aether Financial Services’ Agency business. It provides optimised monitoring of all deals in our portfolio , from the moment the closing stage and throughout their life.


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This in-house solution has evolved with the Agency team’s needs and the company’s devel-opment, as well as with the expectations of the transactions’ stakeholders, however com-plex they may be.


The diversity of our teams’ experiences, capabilities, nationalities and career backgrounds provide our Agency business with a comprehensive vision.
On top of their in-depth understanding of the stakes involved, our level of requirement and close attention to details guarantee an expert control of financial transactions in all cir-cumstances.


Partnership with Aloe Private Equity to provide fiduciary solutions.


Independent « Sellers’ representative » to ensure the proper execution of a SPA.

Capital Market

Capital market expertise combined with extensive agency expertise to meet the legal and technical requirements of the roles.

Private debt

A tailor-made approach to complex LBO, infrastructure and corporate transactions.