About us

A middle office specialist with a front-office mindset

Our mission: leveraging your performance

Since its inception in 2015 by two former investment bankers, Aether Financial Services de-velopment has been driven by the objective of simplifying the execution of financial trans-actions. Our teams’ commitment and conscientiousness, core of the proper execution of our assignments, are enhanced by an efficient (and considerate) listening and an all times responsiveness. With this mindset, Aether Financial Services has made the explicit choice of offering a full range of services to facilitate the execution of financial transactions thorough all their phases. Our client oriented versatility gets the most out of the inhouse expertise within our teams, with our dogged determination to find a way – as challenging it may be – to meet the project's requirements.

Our added value

We offer a comprehensive approach to all of your projects through a full range of specialised services.

The co-founders


Managing Director

Henri-Pierre JEANCARD

Managing Director

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